Dundalk Study Academy is a centre of education for Leaving & Junior Certificate students. We provide professional educational services for students including grinds, supervised study, study skills, dyslexia seminars, intensive courses, cyberbullying and positive mental health workshops.

Located in the heart of Dundalk town, the Academy provides a distraction free setting for students to maximise their study time, whilst also having easy access to grinds and intensive courses in the same location.  Although the main focus of the Academy is on the academic side of school, we strive to offer a more holistic educational experience by also providing seminars & workshops on the social aspect of the students lives.

Run by fully qualified teachers, who are state examination correctors, the Directors at Dundalk Study Academy have an in-depth knowledge of the education system, the school environment and subject curriculums. Having lived locally, and attended, and worked in local schools, we are very aware of student needs in our area. We pride ourselves on getting to know all of our students individually and offering them the service and encouragement they require to succeed in their exams.

"The secret to success is getting started!"

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