TESTIMONIALS from parents and students

👭One Year Later... Aoife's Journey👭

Aoife did extremely well in her Leaving Cert and is now studying Social Care in DKIT.

November 2016- November 2017

Aoife was one of our very first members at Dundalk Study Academy. She is now at college; we stayed in touch with her and asked her to write a short piece on her experience over the last year:

"Joining Dundalk Study Academy was definitely the best decision I made in sixth year. Starting early in November the Leaving seemed so far away and I didn't see what I would gain from starting studying so early. I realised how wrong I was when I got my Christmas test results and saw the improvements in my grades. 

DSA taught me something that school couldn't and that is the importance of a steady study routine. Having a set time frame was so beneficial to me as I could get all my homework from the day done in the first session and dedicate the second session to revision. Having a set routine also allowed me to go home in the evening and relax as I knew I had done the work I needed to do for the day and I wasn't sitting up all night stressing to finish essays.

DSA was also so helpful as even though I was working hard I still got to spend time with my friends. I joined with my friend Clodagh (pictured) and I would highly recommend starting with a friend as on days where I lacked motivation she always helped me keep going and stay for the second session. It also meant I wasn't isolated at home studying.

It was amazing to see DSA grow from just a handful of students in a room to two full study rooms. DSA really was beneficial as both Leanne and Monique were always so positive and always gave helpful exam advice and words of encouragement which really made DSA a welcoming environment to come to each day.

I couldn't recommend DSA enough as it kept me focused and helped me keep a healthy balance between school and my life outside of studying. Thanks to DSA I am enjoying my first tests in college and still using study tips and advice I learned at DSA. My advice to current sixth years would be to join Dundalk Study Academy straight away!"


'Dundalk Study Academy was extremely beneficial to me personally. It has improved my grades and helped me to concentrate more and to achieve my goal for my Leaving Cert next year. It has become my routine and helped me put some structure to my study time at home too. Attending this study group has improved my confidence level and helped me to be less stressed about work.' 5th year, DGS

'I found Dundalk Study Academy to be extremely beneficial. My grades improved and I was able to do all my studies here and rest when I went home. I am now able to study for longer periods of time without wanting to check my phone.' 6th year, St. Vincent's

'I felt more concentrated, it also made me feel better about myself. I am more focused on my studies. I liked the way when I went home I didn't have as much to do. Thank you very much!' 6th year, St. Vincent's

'Provided the perfect atmosphere to get solid study done without any distractions or any time wasted. Got study out of the way so I could relax after when I got home.' 6th year, De la Salle

'I feel the Study Academy helped me realise that I need to study. It has improved my grades by a lot. I was failing Science before I came here but not anymore, in fact now I love Science! I love it here!' 3rd year, St. Vincent's

'I actually study here instead of messing like at home, thanks!' 3rd year, Cu Chulainn

'I was able to concentrate more and focus completely on my studies and not on my phone. It is a really comfortable environment to study in and I felt more on top of my school work.' 5th year, St. Vincent's

'I feel I completed my homework more effectively and kept up to date on what I was supposed to know throughout the year. Also the length of each session was perfect because I pushed myself for longer than I would at home. I realised, without my phone you can get so much more done.' 5th year, St. Vincent's

'I have really enjoyed being a member here. I found it really difficult to concentrate and study after coming straight from TY. Having my phone taken off me was brilliant as there were no distractions. My grades have been very constant since I began here. Getting study out of the way in a quiet environment was such a help to me! Thank you!' 5th year, St. Vincent's

'I found that studying in a room with people helped to motivate me more than I would at home. It also made me be able to relax more once I got home as I knew that I'd done 4 hours of constructive study here.' 6th year, St. Vincent's

'It was very good because there is no phones and no distractions which made studying a lot easier and I got a lot more done in here than at home.' 6th year, Bush

parents FEEDBACK 

 'My sons grades have significantly improved since he started going to Dundalk Study Academy which we are delighted with!' - Parent of  2nd year student, 2016

'My daughter is really enjoying it. A wonderful service and very well organised.'- MarianneParent of 5th year student, 2016

'Fantastic study class, my daughter loves it!' - Parent of 5th year student, 2016

'I really recommend the after school study. Straight into study at 4.15, focused, no distractions just getting the work done. I see a major improvement in my son since he started here.' - Geraldine, Parent of 3rd year student, 2017

'My daughter is attending the study academy and she finds it very worthwhile studying in a room with no distractions ' - Grainne, Parent of 6th year student, 2017


'I would definitely recommend the intensive courses- it wasn't too long and it was very focused!' 6th year student, Business Intensive Course 27/05/17

'Although it's intense, you listen and take in information better than studying it yourself and if you're stuck you can ask questions and get it cleared up.' 6th year student, History Intensive Course 02/06/17

'It's a very good way of getting last minute revision done, really good notes and better understanding as it is a small group.' 6th year student, History Intensive Course 02/06/17