What a day!
We got to be the Dragons for once! 😮😂

These AMAZING 6th class students of St. Francis NS Blackrock pitched their business ideas to us today in the exact format of the Dragons’ Den TV show and OMG did they blow us out of the water.

Company Names:
“Slick Wicks”
“Smooth Dudes”
“Just Incase”
“C- Chains”
“CATS Jam”
“Scrumptious Delights”

Not only were their business ideas so well thought out and innovative, they were able to answer difficult questions about profit margins, unique selling points, marketing and packaging- questions that would stump adults. They did themselves, their parents and their teacher, Ms. McKevitt, so proud!
Unvelievable talent.
Best of luck in the next stage of
The Junior Entrepreneur Programme