1. Use a TEMPLATE with big squares so you have space to add enough details. Be neat & tidy. Have a slot for homework each day and then one for study.

2. Be REALISTIC with your time!! First of all fill the slots you know you can’t use eg extra curricular activities, grinds, other events or commitments. This may change from week to week which is fine. Choose time slots that suit you and your life. Try to start into your homework soon after school- the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get started. The one below is catered to DSA members and is available on all resource shelves for students in our study.

3. When filling out the study slots, BE SPECIFIC. Don’t just write ‘Biology’ – write the exact topic you plan to study eg ‘Osmosis’ and the exam questions you plan to do. Use @studyclix for specific exam topics and questions.

4. Use PAST EXAM RESULTS and tests to find your weaknesses. Tackle these topics head on. Start with these areas on your study plan. Don’t just study what you are good at. .

5. CHANGE IT UP daily. Don’t study the same subject all week. You will lose focus and interest.

6. PRIORITIZE- if you have exams or assignments coming up, factor these into your weekly study instead of extra topics. Don’t overload yourself.

7. CHECKLISTS-Have a checklist of topics for each subject and mark then off as you do them. This will show you that you’re getting through them and build your motivation and confidence. Also highlight your timetable as you finish topics and Q’s-no better feeling!

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