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Admission Form- Please see Terms & Conditions below.

Gift Vouchers

Dundalk Study Academy Gift Vouchers are available to purchase throughout the year. They are a welcome gift for any secondary school student and especially those in exam year.
They can be used as partial or full payment for any course or workshop run by Dundalk Study Academy and are available in a range of affordable values making them the ideal gift for any student.
Gift Vouchers

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Admission Rules

Dundalk Study Academy is for those students who wish to be here. The student must show that they are committed to their studies. If we feel that the study sessions are not suited to a student due to concentration or distraction levels, students will be removed from study sessions.

  • Absolutely NO TALKING during study sessions.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed during study sessions
  • Bad behavior, including back answering, will not be tolerated.
  • No headphones.
  • Students MUST NOT disturb others.
  • Students must arrive on time and may join or leave study sessions ONLY at official break times.
  • Students must be organised and are not allowed to move around during sessions.
  • Students must always follow instructions given by any supervisor.
  • Students are responsible for all of their own belongings.
  • Students must keep the area around their desks clean, use the bins provided and must not write on desks.
  • Students must not eat in the study room, including chewing gum and sweets.
  • Dundalk Study Academy is not responsible for any students who leave the premises early or during the lunch break, however we do have an absentee text service if parents wish to avail of this.
  • Students may use an i-pad or a laptop during study sessions once they are used solely for study and educational purposes.

DSA Payment Terms and Conditions:

Study & Grinds Payment Policy: All fees for study must be paid in full in the first week of term or in two equal installments: on the first day of attendance and the balance paid, in full, by the third week of the term. This applies to both study and grinds. Fees are non-refundable; however they may be transferrable in certain circumstances.

Deposits: Deposits are non- refundable.

Courses & Workshops: Payment for courses are non- refundable. There is no allowance for absenteeism. Payment may be transferable to other services if we are notified of the cancellation with over 14 days notice before the event.

Absenteeism: We do not allow for absenteeism in grinds, courses or supervised study. All fees must be paid in full at the beginning of term. If a student is unable to make a grind, the tutor will keep a copy of the notes and exam questions for students.

Cancellation policy: There is a cancellation fee of €10 for Saturday Study if a student cancels within 24 hours of the study sessions.

Members: Current members will receive preference for all holiday studies and courses throughout the year.