Relax before the exam!

Today I met one of our lovely students out shopping. She told me she was buying new PJ’s, putting on fresh bedsheets & buying her favourite food to relax tomorrow evening ahead of exams. And I thought to myself- you’re just right!

With the stress of the next few weeks looming for exam students- it is so important that you look after yourself first. Do those little things that make you happy. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s only an exam.

Midweek Treat!

A midweek boost! 99’s for all of our hardworking Junior & Leaving Cert students attending our 9 day study fest. 5 days in- nearly there now!

Darkness into Light 2018

A massive well done to Sean, Sarah, Orla, Clóighi, Cáit and all the Darkness Into Light Dundalk commitee for organising such an amazing event! So much work went into it & we really appreciate it.

It was so wonderful to see the whole community coming together to support such a great cause; from the young to the old to the doggies and the mascots. Delighted to be a part of it all.
Thank you to all the students who registered with us this year 💫 #DIL2018 #darknessintolight2018 #darknessintolight #PietaHouse #mentalhealth


We are looking for confident, motivated & experienced tutors to join our expanding team!

Recruiting Secondary School Teachers across all Junior & Leaving Certificate subjects starting September 2018 for grinds & supervisory roles.

☑Fully qualified with Teaching Council Number
☑Experienced in the classroom & teaching subject
☑Must focus heavily on exam paper layout & marking, exam questions & provide sample answers & notes
☑Correction of State Exams is an added bonus
☑NQT’s may apply for supervisory positions

To Apply:
Please send your CV with teaching council number to