Junior & Leaving Certificate Students

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Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students finish school a week earlier than all other students- don’t waste this time at home, distracted; come to DSA and make the most of your study in the last few days before exams begin! By attending our study you will stay in a routine of getting up early and working the same hours as a school day; therefore staying on track for your upcoming exam days.

Supervised study will run ahead of the State Exams 2019 for 9 full days from Monday May 27th to Tuesday June 4th including Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, 9:30am- 5pm daily.

  • Study will be supervised at all times by fully qualified teachers.
  • No distractions- structured sessions, highly study focused.
  • Study timetable for the period and study tips given to all students.
  • Extensive shelves of exam resources & study aids for both Junior & Leaving Cert students including stationary, record cards, whiteboards, exam papers in all subjects, dictionaries, textbooks, revision books in all subjects, study skills books and study planners and more.
  • Study Skills ‘Walk-In Clinic’ for all attendees.
  • Spot prizes over the 9 days.
  • Study Ipads available for students.
  • Single desks for students.
  • No mobile phones- phones MUST be placed in a holding area during all sessions. If not, parents will be notified.
  • Absentee text service.
  • Student tea room.
  • Teachers on site to help where possible.
  • Students individually monitored by supervisors and parents informed on students focus/ concentration where needed.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided during break times. There will be a 30-minute break at 11am and a one hour break at 1pm. A microwave and toaster are available for students who wish to bring their own lunch or alternatively they can go out for lunch.

Study Sessions: 9.30-11am, 11.30-1pm, 2-3.30pm and 4-5pm.

Breaks: 11-11.30am, 1-2pm, 3.30-4pm.

Cost: €135

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: €100 before May 10th, 2019. Please note: The full fees must be paid upfront before May 10th to be eligible for this offer.

Fees are due upfront to secure your spot. Fees are non- refundable and non- transferable.


  • Starts mm/dd/yy:
  • 05/27/2019
  • Duration :
  • 2 months

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The Benefits of Supervised Study at Dundalk Study Academy

Students are in a comfortable, welcoming environment that is solely focused on maximising study; we will ensure that there is no noise, no distractions and no messing.

Mobile phones are not allowed during study sessions. Students must place their phone in a holding area during the sessions so they have no temptations.

Students get into a routine of study early on in the year and the pressure and stress of studying last minute is eliminated.

Students are supervised by fully qualified, Garda vetted teachers on site, who are there to help.

Students have access to an extensive range of study resources including stationary, exam papers in all subjects, textbooks, study guides and iPads.

There is access to tea and coffee at breaks where students can discuss their study techniques, learn from each other and meet new friends.

We keep in close contact with parents and update them on their son/daughter’s progress. We also have an absentee text service available.

Students are surrounded by like-minded people who have a desire to do well in their exams and they encourage each other to work hard.

Students can get their hard work out of the way and enjoy the rest of their time off guilt free!



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