Junior & Leaving Certificate Students

Evening Study


September 2nd- 5th, 2019

Open to all students, 1st- 6th year, to try out our after- school study for free! Contact us here to sign up!

Supervised Study runs throughout the academic year. There are different packages available:

  1. Monday to Friday 4:15pm -6:00pm Study
  2. Monday to Friday 6:30pm-8pm Study
  3. Monday to Friday 4:15pm -8:00pm Study

Study is term payment for packages 1-3.  Students must pay upfront on the first day of attendance or in two instalments on the first day of the first and fourth week of study. Fees vary depending on length of term.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Study is also available €10 pay as you go. (These options start later in the year.)

  • Wednesday Study 2-6pm
  • Friday Study 4:15pm-8pm
  • Saturday Study 9:30am-2pm
  • Sunday Study also runs during exam periods.

Our study is extremely structured, focused and distraction free. It is always supervised by a fully qualified teacher who is there to help where possible before and after sessions. All phones are taken off students during sessions. There is an abundance of study resources, exam papers, revision text books, stationary and study skill books and tips available for students in all sessions.
We pride ourselves on getting to know our students very well, tracking their progress and motivating them to get the best from their studies. Close contact is kept with parents at all times.

Please refer to Rules & Regulations on Admissions page when signing up.

The Benefits of Supervised Study at Dundalk Study Academy

Students are in a comfortable, welcoming environment that is solely focused on maximising study; we will ensure that there is no noise, no distractions and no messing.

We are aware that students have busy timetables outside of school and we endeavour to accommodate this; by offering later sessions, students can still attend their after school commitments and then join the later study sessions in the Academy.

Mobile phones are not allowed during study sessions. Students must place their phone in a holding area during the sessions so they have no temptations.

Students get into a routine of study early on in the year and the pressure and stress of studying last minute is eliminated.

Students are supervised by fully qualified, Garda vetted teachers on site, who are there to help.

Students have access to an extensive range of study resources including stationary, exam papers in all subjects, textbooks, study guides and iPads.

There is access to tea and coffee at breaks where students can discuss their study techniques, learn from each other and meet new friends.

We keep in close contact with parents and update them on their son/daughter’s progress throughout the term. We also have an absentee text service available.

Students are surrounded by like-minded people who have a desire to do well in their exams and they encourage each other to work hard.

As study is offered every evening from Monday to Saturday afternoon, students can get their hard work out of the way and enjoy the rest of the weekend guilt free!


To book this course use our admissions form

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