As we move closer to exams it is normal for stress to increase and, in some cases, motivation to decrease. How do we alleviate this?

Over the next 4 weeks you have to have a GOAL to work towards. ➡️➡️➡️
Visualise your future. Ask yourself where you want to see yourself in 6 months time. Why are you doing this? For yourself, to get to college, to travel?
Most importantly, what do you need to do in the next 4 weeks to reach this goal? Write down that goal. Make it real.

Work on your strengths and add to them; if your mind focuses on your weaknesses and negatives you will never succeed.

To grow and progress it takes:
70% effort/ hard work
20% attitude
10% ability/ intelligence

Visualise your DREAM, set your GOAL, PLAN your study for the next few weeks, work hard for the last slog and make it REALITY.

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